Through projects managed or coordinated by Earth Awareness Consulting, we work in communities and/or villages facilitating wildlife education, social development and women empowerment. We also assist in wildlife conservation projects in our immediate area and/or further afield in Southern Africa.

All our services are tailor-made and suited to what you or your organization requires:

  • Outreach Coordination at Schools and/or Communities and/or Other
  • Wildlife Education and/or Conservation Project Implementation 
  • Project Conceptualizing and Planning
  • Social Impact Film Audience Engagement / Production Support
  • Community Engagement, Communication and Development Mentorships
  • Community Project/Program Management
  • Environmental Training Workshops
  • Community Based Eco Tourism Development, Mentoring and Support
  • Equine Facilitated Personal Development Facilitations
  • Nature-Based Learning Experiences and Workshops
  • Overall Expedition and Campaign Support
  • Equine Consulting

"Our work and what we do is inspired by the urge to lead a life of purpose for the greater good of humanity and nature as a whole. In everything we do we aim to create social change and reconnect society with nature and animals, highlighting the interconnectedness of all life on earth."